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Life celebrates itself with sound; naturally, we celebrate life with Music. We've developed elaborate written language to explain Music, but we can't explain why it exists, or why it touches us so deeply; it just does! We don't learn to speak after we learn to read, and at WolfSong Studio it’s no different with guitar lessons – you’ll play first and learn theory when you’re ready. Creativity before Mechanics.

Further your musical goals - your skills and knowledge of Guitar or Bass - in a relaxed, intuitive way, learning what YOU want to learn, when YOU want to learn it, with lessons that are attuned to your individual learning style, needs, and pace. When the learning is fun - the best motivator for anyone, young or old - the work feels like play. If that’s the way you like it, WolfSong Studio is very likely the ideal place for you.


Tod Kennedy

Andrew "Voodoo" Walters

I've been teaching Guitar and Bass for 20 years, first in schools in Toronto (Cabbagetown Community Arts Centre), Richmond Hill (Cosmo Music), and Vaughan (Vaughan Secondary Continuing Ed.), and from Wolfsong Studio since 2002. I have been learning my craft for more than 40 years, and have playing professionally since I was 21. Current projects are Fried AngelsVoodoo Walters and the Rhythm Method, and my original songwriting (on my Reverb Nation page).

I give only bass lessons; Andrew handles all requests for guitar lessons. Styles are Blues, Classic Rock, Country, Southern Rock, and more. Theory can begin at any time, and songwriting is a speciality - we'll even record you on Pro Tools as you build your craft. (Demo recording sessions can be arranged, too - pricing will be discussed on request). Lessons are $40.00 for a full hour; for more specific info about lessons, please visit our Q and A Page.

My name is Tod Kennedy, and if you'd like lessons, please contact me at wolfsongpro@hotmail.com.

WolfSong Studio is happy to welcome Andrew "Voodoo" Walters into the teaching fold here. He has been a mainstay on the Blues circuit in Toronto for many years now, and continues to entertain with his signature mix of Blues, Boogie, Funk, and Swamp-style guitar playing. Listen to his new CD, Cakewalk to hear his original tunes, and to get a taste of what he could show you. Pick up a digital copy to begin studying how it's done, and get to know him one to one here.

Andrew has been teaching guitar for more than ten years now in the above mentioned genres, and is highly adaptable to the needs of the beginner student, and more advanced student alike. His teaching style is very much within the WolfSong mandate, "Creativity Before Mechanics", ie 'play now, explain when you're ready'.

If you'd like lessons with Andrew, please email Tod Kennedy at wolfsongpro@hotmail.com.


Shane Macaulay
Shane is thrilled to join the team of great music instructors at Wolfsong Studio. A working guitarist, songwriter, arranger and theorist, Shane has kept his hands busy with many different music projects for the last 25 years. Formally trained in jazz, he is also fluent in many other genres - funk, blues and the good ol' rock & roll.
Shane's music can be heard on national and college radio, on TV, and on store shelves. His musical focus has been on his original rock funk power group, Skyjumper for the last decade.
He has been teaching for the last 20 years, both in private and small group settings. Shane is a good fit for young players starting out, and will take students as young as 6 - 7 years of age, as well as players that are working on tuning up their guitar playing skills.
If you would like lessons for your child with Shane, please email Tod Kennedy